Understanding how today’s consumer is embracing sweetness

Sweetness is here to stay

Our latest research confirms a new balance regarding sweetness and sugar reduction. Consumers have a largely positive relationship with sweetness. The only negative emotion affecting their relationship with sweetness is the perception that it can be “unhealthy”. This indicates a clear opportunity for sugar reduction in the sweetness space as long as the consumer preferred sweetener is delivered in the right application.

We studied consumers in 24 countries

  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland
  • India
  • Latin America: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia
  • Middle East & Africa: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria
  • North America: United States, Canada
  • South East Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam

By the numbers

Embracing Sweetness
77% of global consumers say the type of sweetener in a food or drink is most important detail at the time of purchase.
Sweet. Less.
79% of global consumers agree reduced sugar products are healthier for them.
Welcome to the Shift
75% of global consumers prefer a natural sweetener.
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