Innovate to satisfy demand and solve challenges in functional products

In-demand need states and ingredients

By speaking with 10,000 consumers from 18 countries, we learnt that some need states are universal, and many key ingredients are, too.
Some of the top categories people want help with include:
  • Cognitive health
  • Immune health
  • Digestive health
  • Beauty from within

Key considerations for product development 

Our research estimates that the functional beverage and supplement market is worth US$240 billion. Winning part of that business requires delivering products that meet your customers' needs.
The 'Functional Forecasting' eBook explores:
  • How to perfect taste in functional products
  • Adding the ideal mix of functional benefits to new applications
  • The benefits of branded and science-backed ingredients

3 insights from dietary supplement consumers

Immune health
Improving immune strength is a key concern for people who take dietary supplements.
Digestive/gut health
Improved digestion is a top priority for consumers of dietary supplements.
Cognitive health
Takers of dietary supplements are interested in products that improve brain function.