2022 Taste Charts

Every Innovation Tells a Story

The 2022 Kerry Taste Charts will inspire you to write yours. Download the Taste Charts now to identify:

  • Today’s trends in flavour across four global regions
  • Predictions covering six critical food and beverage categories
  • 20 fastest growing flavours of the last 12 months
  • Top 10 flavours of the last five years
  • Taste lifecycle analyses

Our global team analysed thousands of product launches from around the world, reviewed sales data across multiple categories, read hundreds of consumer research surveys, studied the menus of restaurants and foodservice chains across the globe and analysed millions of social media posts to create the 2022 Kerry Taste Charts. The insights are rich, provocative and inspiring.

We hope they inspire you and your innovation stories in the year ahead.

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Deliver on-trend product launches with the 2022 Kerry Taste Charts

Tracking local taste trends

Consumer research shows that taste is the top motivator for food and beverage purchases. To help you deliver the taste consumers want, we reviewed research from around the globe to create regionalised and robust taste predictions for:

  • North America
  • Europe and Russia
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa

Creating ready-to-use insights

To streamline our flavour predictions and make the 2022 Kerry Taste Charts easy to peruse and use, we’ve organized the content into straightforward flavour recommendations sorted by application and phase of adoption. The 2022 Kerry Taste Charts feature:

  • Dozens of trending tastes for each application category
  • Predictions about flavours that are gaining appeal
  • Examples of tastes in application
  • A closer look at the lifecycle of four specific tastes

3 insights from 2022 Kerry Taste Charts


Taste trend: Cardamom

Region: Europe
Application: Dairy & Hot Beverage
Stage of Adoption: Emerging

Protein Shake hyprol

Taste trend: Sour Cream and Onion

Region: Asia Pacific
Application: Salty Snacks
Stage of Adoption: Key


Taste trend: Tahini

Region: USA
Application: Sweet
Stage of Adoption: Emerging