Plant-Based Yogurt

Consumers view plant-based dairy as nutritious, low in sugar, sustainable, and catering to dairy sensitivities. Yet, many market products are devoid of protein or live and active cultures, and lack an indulgent, creamy texture.
Cultured plant-based dairy is the next wave of plant-based growth. So, bridging the gap between taste, texture, and nutrition is crucial to build consumer curiosity and appeal.
Within the next 3 years plant-based yogurt is expected to grow by 62% in north america.

Plant-Based Ice Cream

While category growth has been driven by longstanding staples such as soy and coconut, emerging bases – oat, almond, and pea - will continue to gain market share.
Providing a no-compromise experience with great taste is needed as consumers seek indulgent flavors from plant-based ice cream.2 Rich, dark flavors - such as chocolate, fudge, and coffee – can help to balance the taste challenges associated with delivering a premium plant-based eating experience.3 Soumya Nair, Director of Marketing Insights at Kerry commented “to further consumer interest, plant-based manufacturers should consider up-and-coming flavors such as dulce de leche, horchata, and salted caramel.” 4
Plant-based ice cream is expected to grow at a cagr of 12.5% to $840M within the next 3 years.

Plant-Based Cheese

Familiar cheese cues, such as leading dairy flavors and versatility of use, have led 10% of U.S. consumers to eat dairy-free cheese.6 By continuing to create products that echo dairy taste and texture, plant-based cheese manufacturers can tap into the 11.5% or $180M growth forecasted for the next three years.1
As consumers continue to incorporate plant-based into their everyday diets, they will expect cheese formats and flavors that cater to all meal and snack occasions.
Cheddar, american and mozzarella flavor profiles rank the highest for both plant-based and traditional cheese.
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