New sensory insights

Plant-based taste, elevated.

The ‘Stepping up Taste in Plant-Based’ reports reveal the sensory attributes that matter most to plant-based consumers.

Download the reports to discover:

  • Consumer benchmarks in plant-based meat and dairy
  • Plant-based taste nuances in flavour, texture and cooking characteristics
  • Opportunities for category innovation and market growth
  • Key taste profiles for consumers globally and in Australia, Brazil, the UK and U.S.


It’s widely believed people want plant-based products that taste like real meat and dairy. But our new research found that’s not entirely true. Our global teams analysed the traditional meat and dairy aspects consumers want in plant-based products, revealing actionable insights that can accelerate innovation.

Get plant-based insights

New research reveals the full sensory experience

By studying plant-based burgers and plant-based cheese alternatives, we uncovered a new layer of consumer preferences. These insights are in our ‘Stepping up Taste in Plant-based’ global and localised reports.

Flavour elevates the taste experience from good to great

Our reports explore:

  • Striking the right flavour balance
  • Regional differences in plant-based taste preferences
  • Preferred cooking flavours


Texture affects overall taste

Our reports explore:

  • The optimal texture characteristics
  • The biggest texture turn-offs
  • Texture nuances between each market


Certain cooking cues significantly affect the experience

Our reports cover:

  • Signals that help consumers control the cooking process
  • Likes and dislikes during cooking
  • How cooking experience affects taste expectations