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With our proprietary technology, we have developed food grade plant proteins for many nutrition applications. These proteins mainly from pea and rice go under strict quality control and meet EU and FDA regulations amongst others. Please explore more details on the many applications our plant proteins are suitable for.

Biosciences/Industrial fermentation

We develop high quality, animal free solutions for the fermentation industry. The company provide products from plant-based material, which includes the development of hydrolysed peptones that can be used as fermentation medias by microorganisms in probiotic production, enzymes, pharmaceutical ingredients. Please contact us for more information.

Personal Care

Our ingredients have high added value for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. We produce amino acids extracted from plant proteins material for use in the composition of products for Skin Care, Cell regeneration, Sunscreen, Hair restoration. Please contact us for more information.


We produce bio stimulants, bio activators and bio controllers certified from plant origin through enzymatic technology process to be used in organic agriculture. The use of our AgroSciences technology increase the productivity and quality of crops. Our solutions support the growth process and fruit development and improve plants resistance against abiotic factors. Please contact us more information.


In several periods of the animal life, animals need an extra provision of nitrogen. Using the highest quality plant-based proteins and enzymatic technology, we have developed a line of vegetable hydrolysates and plant proteins to support these periods and specific needs for animal health nutrition as well as for pet nutrition. Please contact us more information.
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