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Dessert flavours for the festivities

With increasing disposable incomes, consumers have been spending more on indulgent foods such as bakes and sweets. As a result, new flavours have come into focus. Globalised young adults’ desires for novel experience have resulted in a lot of culinary innovation. Complex flavours from global desserts such as tiramisu and cheesecake have been transformed and infused into a whole range of new applications. In line with these trends, we’ve created a unique assortment of 16 flavours – The Dessert Toolbox. It is a set of 8 ethnic and 8 western flavours to help you go to market quickly and win over customers.

Flavor Toolbox


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Our story starts in Seattle, 1989. Inspired by the specialty coffee market boom, chocolate maker and DaVinci Gourmet founder, Greg Davenport saw the opportunity for a superior sort of syrup. One with phenomenal flavor and perfect form – whether icy cold or steaming hot. A spectacular quality, brilliantly-priced creation that would broaden the possibilities for the pioneering beverage creator. 

We grew by canvasing West Coast cafés, networking and collaborating alongside roasters, distributers and makers as they trailblazed new territory. We were the first global brand to expand production and modify formulas to suit the growing diversity of the specialty beverage world.

Our brand has always been famed for its pursuit of perfection and constant evolution. We are geared to and steered by the industry and its master-makers are our muses. Supporting their quest for success determines our every action and galvanizes our growth.

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The specialty beverage industry is dynamic, vibrant and constantly evolving. It’s shaped, steered and driven by those innovative makers and we are their expert support system. We’ve grown by thinking ahead and anticipating their needs – offering the right products, to the right people, at the right time.

By listening, responding to and anticipating our clients’ needs, we’ve been able to expand our product lines to meet the evolving café business. We’re fortunate to be part of a much broader organization with many resources. Our recipes and ideas leverage know-how from across all our foodservice brands, enabling us to localize formulations from region to region – fine-tuning taste and performance and meeting regulatory requirements.

Our growth is powered by a keen awareness that our industry is fast-moving, expanding and constantly diversifying. We passionately believe in its potential and believe that the possibilities are limitless.

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We started this business based on faith and with ambition for a future that no one could quite define. The result is surprising and thrilling. We are at the helm of the most exciting and enterprising channel in foodservice. And just like our industry, we don’t stand still for a moment.

We are always energized, inspired and evolving. But there is a constant; we always have and always will prioritise and reflect the real needs of baristas and mixologists. We are here to inspire them, celebrate them and collaborate with them.

We’re investing in the future. We know our arena is shaped by visionary people – that this is still one of the only channels that allows for pure entrepreneurial experimentation. We are a community together at the forefront.

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We care wholeheartedly about this industry. Our future plans and reinvigorated brand are proof of our passion and devotion. And this goes far beyond operations and product creation; we care about everything from the source through to the final perfect serve – from ‘Blossom to Beverage’.

As part of this commitment, we’re working with two phenomenal global partners. From the ‘Blossom’ sourcing end, we’re teaming up with The Café Femenino Foundation, funding projects in coffee growing regions that benefit grower communities. Their one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model empowers women coffee producers and enacts positive change. Together, we are expanding the reach and impact of this extraordinary, volunteer-based organization.

On the ‘Beverage’ side, we celebrate the inventiveness and innovation of all drink makers by being actively involved in, sponsoring and supporting the Speciality Coffee Association and World Coffee Events. Competitors across the globe in five prestigious categories are driving the evolution and expansion of the specialty beverage industry and we are with them all the way.