Wellmune® Blend is an ingredient used by functional food, beverage and supplement manufacturers in Europe. A combination of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast beta glucan (science-backed Wellmune®) and a micronutrient, Wellmune Blend is used to make healthy lifestyle products with immune benefits.*

Yeast Beta Glucans

are naturally found and extracted from foods such as baker’s yeast, but not all are created equal. The key to understanding how a yeast beta glucans work, and their benefits, is to understand their:

  • Source
  • How they're made
  • Clinical research that demonstrates how they work and their efficacy

To learn more about human studies on Wellmune, click here.


*Here is a list of the micronutrients that may be combined with Wellmune in the Wellmune Blend ingredient. These micronutrients contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Check your product packaging to see which micronutrient is being used.

Copper Vitamin B12
Folate Vitamin B6
Iron Vitamin C
Selenium Vitamin D
Vitamin A Zinc

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