In our on-demand webinar series, industry experts explore four different snack motivators:

Watch Now: Reward & Treat Myself

Consumers want to indulge and treat themselves, especially throughout COVID-19 as they’ve turned to comfort snacks. Learn more about how brands are differentiating themselves with great-tasting snacks and driving consumer preference.

Watch Now: Make Better Choices

Focusing on eliminating negative ingredients and adding positives like protein and vitamins, consumers are looking to make better choices, Explore how the snack market is aligning with consumer expectations to deliver healthier snack choices.

Watch Now: Future Proof

Consumers want to remain healthy and active for longer, which has led them to adopt a more forward thinking, preventative approach to their health through their food. Explore why consumers are seeking out snacks with added functional benefits.

Watch Now: Live Clean Label

Clean label has grown in importance among consumers and claims have become a strong indicator of clean label products for consumers. Discover how sustainable claims like Non-GMO and Organic are resonating with consumers and offering opportunities in the snack category.