Trends Driving Preservation Innovation

Market dynamics and consumer sentiments that are key to delivering
food with a future and cultivating a world of sustainable nutrition.

Formulating with the consumer top of mind

Consumers tell us they want trusted ingredient labels, products that are sustainable and meet the evolving definition of healthy. They also want no compromise on food safety, taste or convenience.

Sustainable nutrition is about meeting those needs while protecting food and ensuring it reaches the consumer at its best and does not go to waste.

Sustainably creating inspired food is only part of the challenge. It’s equally important not to waste it.

Food waste & the food industry

If we reversed the current trend of food loss and waste, we would have enough food to feed 2 billion people (UN FAO)
That’s about 3 x the amount of undernourished people in the world today (WHO)

Consumer sentiment on food waste

67% of global consumers are actively trying to reduce their food waste during the pandemic (FMCG Gurus, 2020)
82% of consumers who considered sustainability at the time of purchase were strongly influenced by best before/expiration date (Kerry, Sustainability in Motion, 2021)
In the US, 25% of bread goes to waste in the consumer’s home due to shelf life (Opinium Research)

How Kerry can help reduce food waste

In 2021, Kerry extended the shelf life of 34.5 billion loaves of bread by an average of 50% through preservation (Kerry)
Approximately half of food waste could be prevented through shelf-life extension (WRAP UK, Martindale, W. ), which is a key capability of Kerry's market-leading food protection & preservation business.

State of the industry on food safety

44 people per minute fall ill from eating contaminated food (World Health Organization)
The average cost of recall to a food company is $10M and that does not include brand damage and loss of sales (Food Marketing Institute, Grocery Manufacturers Association)

Consumer concerns about food safety

60% of consumers are more concerned about food safety during COVID-19 (Kerry, Food Safety Fundamentals, 2021)
Meat is the #1 category of consumer concern for food safety and for number of recalls each year (Kerry, Food Safety Fundamentals, 2021)
A recall is the food industry's biggest threat to profitability and a threat to consumer health

Partner with Kerry to improve food safety 

Kerry is the market leader in preservation with an integrated team of microbiologists
Kerry shares its extensive data which has informed food safety flow charts to guide customers through new formulations. We live and breathe our safety first, quality always motto
Our unrivalled investment in food protection and preservation innovation means partnering with us puts you in the best position to solve the industry's most complex food safety and preservation challenges

Industry challenges in sodium reduction

Regional regulatory bodies such as the FDA in the US and their equivalents in the UK and Brazil are releasing sodium targets, in order to push the industry to reformulate.
While taste is the first challenge that comes to mind, the sodium contribution of preservation solutions and sodium's natural preservative effect are not always considered when formulating to meet these reduced sodium targets.

Consumer considerations on sodium

11% of consumer's purchase decisions are most influenced by a low/no sodium claim (Kerry, Future of Food)
Low / no / reduced sodium is among the top 3 positions globally and in all regions in 2021 (Innova Market Insights)

Partner with Kerry for sodium reduction

Kerry offers market-leading, integrated taste modulation and nutrition optimization capabilities for sodium reduction
Our preservation portfolio offers unique, no sodium preservation solutions and powerful building blocks in both clean label and conventional preservation
Our portfolio includes liquid and dry solutions. Our drying capabilities allow us to deliver unmatched, zero-sodium preservation solutions in an easy to use free-flowing, powder format for easy incorporation into formulation.

State of the industry on clean label

Clean label is becoming table stakes for many foodservice and retail customers with the rise of “no-no” lists
Brands use clean label to differentiate and grow in stagnant categories, with improved health perception of the product and front of pack claims to stand out on shelf

What does clean label mean to consumers?

No added preservatives is the top claim for new product launches over the last five years (Innova Market Insights)
50% of consumers reporting increased label scrutiny and focus on healthfulness of diet because of the pandemic (Innova Market Insights)

Kerry's integrated clean label capabilities

Kerry has a broad market-leading portfolio of clean label preservation capabilities with numerous unique, patented innovations. We are experts in our field with a from food, for food approach to clean label preservation challenges
Our portfolio is founded on authenticity, proven through third-party certifications of our production processes and analyses including 14C certification of our vinegars and fermentates

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