Preservation for Foodservice

No-no lists, recalls and competitive advertising campaigns have brought the ingredients and safety measures behind foodservice menus onto the health-conscious consumer’s radar. Whether concerned about food safety and spoilage or nutrition, people everywhere continue to demand appetizing, safe and sustainable solutions. More recently, there has been an escalation of consumer concern around food safety, driven by feelings of vulnerability triggered by the pandemic. The foodservice segment is no exception to this as the demand for consumer-friendly and sustainable solutions continues to rise.


High-quality conventional preservation solutions, with proven efficacy, measurable shelf life and sustainability benefits.
  • Provian®: An acetate-based preservation solution that delivers food safety with measurable benefits over other market offerings for meat applications.
  • ProBake®: A range of propionate-based solutions to extend mould-free shelf life of all types of baked goods. 
  • Progusta: Food-grade acidifiers based on single (di)acetate salts.

Clean Label

Today, consumers’ expectations continue to increase as they look for authentic foods without artificial preservatives and with no compromise on safety, quality, convenience or shelf life.
Our wealth of expertise and robust clean label portfolio rises to this challenge. Access our innovative and science-backed portfolio of proven solutions, complete with ownership of the entire supply chain.
  • Accel™: A patented, cultured celery product that provides natural cure colour and texture.
  • DuraFresh™: Consumer-driven ingredients, such as cultured dextrose, from our in-house, natural fermentation process. Includes organic acids and peptides.
  • IsoAge®: Vinegar-based systems, dry and liquid buffered vinegars.
Multifunctional systems
  • Nourishield®: Customisable systems of combined technologies/products that leverage building blocks from multiple clean label pillars and/or multiple modes of action to meet specific goals.

Flavour Systems and Natural Flavours

Sourced from food, for food, our flavour systems include natural flavours to provide a label that consumers prefer and is widely recognized around the world. These sustainable solutions lock in great taste, with no compromise on product quality or shelf life. They can be standalone or building blocks for multifunctional systems.
  • Flavoset®: Flavour systems and natural flavours that lock in fresh taste.
  • Zesti®: Smoke-based flavours and natural flavours.

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