Dairy & Plant-Based

Preservation in Dairy

The dairy market has protected standards of identity and is sensitive to sensory changes which can limit ingredient choices for preservation. Leverage our dairy expertise to formulate your products for success and solve challenges in spoilage inhibition, process efficiency, shelf life extension and taste, nutrition and appeal.

Clean Label

Today, consumers’ expectations continue to increase as they look for authentic foods without artificial preservatives and with no compromise on safety, quality, convenience or shelf life.
Our wealth of expertise and robust clean label portfolio rises to this challenge. Access our innovative and science-backed portfolio of proven solutions, complete with ownership of the entire supply chain.
  • DuraFresh™: A line of cultured dairy and cultured sugar from fermentation.
  • Fargo™: Starter, live and protective cultures for fermented dairy.
Multifunctional systems
  • Nourishield®: Customisable systems of combined technologies/products that leverage building blocks from multiple clean label pillars and/or multiple modes of action to meet specific goals.

Flavour Systems and Natural Flavours

Sourced from food, for food, our flavour systems include natural flavours to provide a label that consumers prefer and is widely recognized around the world. These sustainable solutions lock in great taste, with no compromise on product quality or shelf life. They can be standalone or building blocks for multifunctional systems.
  • Cheesesavor™: A line of natural dairy flavour systems.
  • Flavoset®: Flavour systems and natural flavours that lock in fresh taste.
  • Zesti®: Smoke-based flavours and natural flavours.

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