Food Protection and Preservation

Protecting and perfecting food and beverages with unrivalled expertise and solutions.

Creating food with a future

Our customers are people who inspire the world with sustainable, nutritious, and delicious food. To make sure that food reaches the consumer at its very best is where we come in. We maximize food shelf life and appeal while also minimizing food loss. Alongside safety and quality, we deliver the best in preservation, taste and nutrition.
From farm to fork, we partner with our customers, defining next generation solutions to cultivate a world of sustainable nutrition. Because creating inspired food is only part of the challenge. It’s equally important not to waste it.

Integrated preservation, taste, and nutrition

Each customer brings their own specific preservation challenges – whether that’s the dynamics of their supply chain, geographical and consumer preferences, or cost and shelf-life targets.
Whatever your need, we partner with you and bring deep expertise to protect and perfect your products. We’re also able to draw on the industry’s widest portfolio: our unrivalled position in clean label has now been complemented by market-leading conventional solutions.

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