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Flavoured waters and RTD teas are becoming increasingly popular as consumers continue to shift towards natural alternatives to traditional, carbonated soft drinks.

Kerry’s Flavoured Waters and RTD Teas are a healthier, sugar free alternative to soft drinks with natural ingredients. They answer consumers emotional and functional needs across multiple occasions during the day. Available in convenient format without slicing, dicing and peeling of fruit.

At Kerry, we have combined world-leading expertise in taste, flavour and functionality, a portfolio inspired by nature’s highest quality ingredients, and proprietary insights into the flavours and ingredients that will shape the flavoured waters and teas market of tomorrow.

From infusions to extracts, and mainstream to emerging flavour profiles, with Kerry, the opportunities for innovation are endless.

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Partner with us to create exciting and inspiring clean label beverages, made with natural flavours and with free-from sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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