Our delicious Summer Fruits Cheesecake Frappe, playing on trends from the Asian market is the perfect combination of creamy, indulgent cheesecake, and fresh, zingy summer berries. Top it off with some fresh fruit and syrup and it’s an ideal summer dessert alternative!

Summer Fruit &




20ml DaVinci summer fruit smoothie

40g DaVinci vanilla frappé powder

120ml milk

180g ice

30g cream

30g Philadelphia cream cheese

10ml DaVinci summer fruit drizzle

Fresh berries

How it's made

Add milk, ice, frappé powder and cream cheese to the blender and blend on setting 1.

Add 20ml of summer fruit smoothie to the base of the cup.

Pour the blended mixture onto smoothie mix

Add a swirl of cream and drizzle with summer fruit smoothie.

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