Get your cheese-flavoured snack market eBook now. This new research reveals:

  • The undeniable allure of cheese flavours globally
  • Cheese-related snacking preferences and behaviours of more than 8,790 consumers
  • Different taste drivers across 16 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
  • Cheese Charts: The most appealing cheese types and flavour profiles ranked
  • The deep and surprising emotions triggered by 58 different cheese flavours

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Savoury snack insights

Certain everyday experiences bring the world together, and snacking is one of them. Cheese reigns supreme as the No. 1 savoury snack flavour around the globe, and the new report from Kerry, ‘Revealing the Cheese,’ delves into the details.

The world’s favourite cheese types. Fresh consumer insights. Product launch trends. Regional emotions and cultural nuances. The superhero varieties powering new product launches. 

In a world where nearly 7 out of 10 consumers say cheese flavours make savoury snacks more exciting, the opportunities are mouth-watering. Read the report now for all the tangy, crumbly, gooey market intelligence on tomorrow’s snack success stories.