Food and Beverage

We have harnessed the power of citrus extracts through proprietary processes to deliver FDA GRAS approved antimicrobials that act as effective alternatives to traditional ingredients such as sorbates and benzoates, and, natural flavors with clear sensory profiles, that protect your products from taste degradation. 

Personal Care

Our citrus extracts can be leveraged to protect and extend the shelf life of the natural ingredients in your cosmetics, beauty and personal care products. They act as effective alternatives to traditional ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyde and can be used in organic and all-natural products.

Oral Care

We use the unique active components in citrus fruits to meet the requirements and unique challenges of the oral-care industry. Our research shows the impact of our ingredients on oral biofilms over time. They are made with organic ingredients and can be used for their antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


Industrial cleaning products made with natural ingredients need help to stay active and stand the test of time. Showing efficacy with a contact length as short as thirty seconds, our active bioflavonoids, made with organic ingredients are the perfect safety step for surfaces in facilities that need natural solutions. 

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