Taste with history and science
Umami and kokumi ingredients and cooking techniques bring rich, full and delicious taste experiences to savoury dishes. To help brands unlock this appeal, our expert team has studied the art and science of umami and kokumi integration, analysing centuries-old cooking methods and careful blends of natural kitchen cupboard ingredients.
Learn why our chefs, flavourists and scientists believe understanding the balance between umami and kokumi is essential for brands wanting to build unforgettable tastes in their savoury products.
What's influencing the growing opportunity for savoury taste?
To answer this question, we spoke to chefs across Asia about the various ways to create umami and kokumi taste and how to make them scalable and attainable for the food industry. Our new research uncovers how a deeper consumer understanding of the varied approaches is driving this new complexity in taste.
Proven products created by science and tradition
Our industry-leading clean label portfolio of umami and kokumi ingredients grew from new research and our fermentation, extraction and cooking know-how. Build a delicious, rich and full savoury profile using these proven products and natural flavours.
Kerry’s Sustainable Global Yeast Centre of Excellence
An exemplar of sustainable, socially concious, state-of-the-art production
Menstrie, the small village at the foot of the Ochil Hills in Scotland, was once famed for its wool industry, castle and distillery. Today, its green acres are home to Kerry’s global yeast supply site, its Glenochil Distillery transformed into a pioneering production plant.
Sustainability Impact:
    • Zero waste to landfill
    • Water reused in heating, cooling and cleaning
    • 97.5% of waste reused as fertiliser and animal feed
    • 100% sustainable water supply