From personal wellness to environmental impact, consumers are choosing beverage products that taste better, do better for the planet and make them feel better. They’re looking for products made with real and recognizable ingredients paired with on-pack claims like certified organic. Yet beverage manufacturers face challenges when working with organic ingredients. 
To help you create the organic beverages that consumers want, Kerry has developed a Tastesense Sweet Certified Organic sweet flavor modulator. In line with our commitment to sustainable nutrition, Tastesense Sweet Certified Organic allows you to balance sweetness, mouthfeel and flavor while maintaining an organic certification on your reduced sugar products. 




Certified Organic

Tastesense Sweet Certified Organic is a sweet flavor modulator that conforms with the most updated requirements of USDA organic regulations (7CFR part 205), making it the first certified organic sweet flavor modulator in North America. 




Application Versatility

Tastesense Sweet Certified Organic balances flavor and delivers clean, sweet taste across applications, including, but not limited to, flavored sparkling water, low- to no-sugar beverages, energy and functional drinks, and for both high and low ABV alcoholic beverages




Clean Label Claims

Our certified organic solution can help you solve complexities when creating products with cleaner labels and organic claims, such as improving nutrition by reducing sugar without compromising on taste. 

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