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Radicle by Kerry is setting new standards in plant-based food solutions. Our unique Radicle portfolio of plant-based ingredients and solutions can help you create and deliver sustainable plant-based products that are nutritionally optimized with cleaner labels, authentic taste and appealing texture.

Use this tool to instantly access solutions that will help you address your plant-based challenges. Scroll down and explore the Radicle portfolio.

Macaroni & Cheese
Plant-based Meat meal Plant-based Meat Solution

Deliver holistic plant protein solutions

Meat Alternatives Solutions

From plant-based burgers to sausages and nuggets, Radicle™ by Kerry solutions create plant-based meat alternative products with the taste, texture, functionality and nutrition consumers want.

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Plant-based Dairy meal Plant-based Dairy Solution

Deliver dairy-like experiences

Dairy Alternatives Solutions

Whether crafting a dairy-free ice-cream or a non-dairy cheese, Radicle™ by Kerry plant-based food solutions optimize the taste, texture, nutrition and functionality of plant-based products.

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