How Demographic Differences are Shaping Demand for Functional Ingredients

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In addition to supporting their immune health, growing numbers of proactive consumers across many ages and life stages see the value in protecting their heart, joints, and cognitive abilities, among other concerns.

But when it comes to creating functional ingredients consumers want, a one-size fits all approach may not work. Because of differences in ages, lifestyles and regions, consumers prioritize different health needs and product formats. For product manufacturers, these differences may not be readily apparent—but understanding them is key to creating foods, beverages and supplements that provide market value by meeting the health benefits consumers want most.

This eBook gives you those insights and explores:

  • Emerging category trends and product formats across a range of age groups, from younger adults to Boomers and beyond
  • Deep market understanding, including regional formats gaining popularity with consumers
  • How choosing a supplier who can provide trusted, science-backed ingredients and go-to-market support can help create the functional health products consumers want

Make sure you have the insights to create products to meet consumer demand. Get our eBook, Functional Health Benefits for Every Generation, to learn more.